How do you fix wrong foundation undertones?

Posted on May 25, 2019 in Beauty Products, Foundation Makeup | Comments Off on How do you fix wrong foundation undertones?

How do you fix wrong foundation undertones?

It is not so easy to find the perfect shade of the base in the shade of our skin. Most labels don’t make our skin tones fine.

That is why we spend a great deal of our hard-earned money in concealer, revisers and other ways to fix wrong foundation undertones.

All this simply we couldn’t find the right base. Most of the time, we buy the wrong hue because the beauty store lighting is very different from our homes or the natural light.

Although it appears to be a great idea to mix and match to find the right shade, we are not a mad artist and that is not how difficult it should be to make up.

Instead of solving all these problems and trying to fix that hue of the foundation or corrector, you can do some other things to make your foundation more helpful.

If you have mistaken to buy a dark shade, simply mix it with your concealer or mix it with a waterproofing agent. A little moisturizer will lighten your base and you can finish it with powder. But if you purchased a way that’s darker and you can’t use it, don’t worry.

A solution is always there. Use or use your makeup as a bronze. You can use the foundation you purchased erroneously instead of buying a contouring pallet or bronzer.

If you have misunderstood to buy a lighter shade of the base, you can correct it by using the right bronzer and contouring.

If your face looks too soft, just brush it a little and shape it in the right place with bronzer or contouring powder.

The lighter colors can also be used to highlight your hair. Replace your highlight with your lightweight base hue for fixing wrong foundation tone.

Some people have very different skin tones and it can be a task to find the right shade if you have found a base that has a yellow undertone that does not go with your skin tone. Use a thin layer and apply it to your lightweight or flexible powder.

You can also combine it with a shade of a lighter concealer or base to correct it. Adding a small blush coat will do the job well.

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