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Can micellar water clean jewelry?

Whether it is silver, gold, platinum or diamond, you can rest assured that you can clean everything in yourself and at home.

All you need are some non-abrasive jewelry cleaners, like a soft cloth and a polished jewelry. There’s no need to worry if you spot small marks on your jewelry because it can be polished and micellar water clean jewelry.

If you have different jewelry sets, you need to separate them before you continue with the cleaning portion.

Place separate diamonds in a bag and do likewise with gold, platinum and silver jewelry. You won’t be confused if you start cleaning them. It also saves you time when you clean one set before another is washed.

Clean jewelry with micellar water

For this, you will require a strong cleaning solution so that ammonia is taken and combined with warm water.

The ratio of ammonia to one part and water to three parts should be. If you like, you can also add some dish soap. Then clean the diamonds with a little brush that has plunged into the solution. Let them dry and safely store them away.

micellar water

Your task would be to avoid tarnish when it comes to silver. Only a mild solution is needed in silver, so that a mixture of water and baking soda is appropriate. This produces a paste solution you use to rub in silver.

If the tarnish is quite high, however, add some drops of ammonia and soap in warm water and use it as a cleaner. Use a soft cloth to dry the gems.

Gold and platinum are easier to clean because they don’t tarnish and aren’t as rough as diamonds. You will also need the same solution you used for silver cleaning this time only when you do not add ammonia.

clean jewelryTake your cleaning brush and wash your joys softly into a solution made of warm water and dish soap. Once, dry the bits before preserving them with a soft dry cloth.

Diamonds, gold, platinum and silver stones are suitable for cleaning, but certain forms of gemstone must be treated alone by skilled jewelers.

If you are not sure about your own gemstone class, it would be safer if you took it to be cleaned by a pro.

It is only prudent to keep your jewelry washed and polished on a regular basis. Cleaning before and after every use is a preferred option; some jewelers suggest cleaning jewelry with a good cleaning agent at least once a week.

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