Can I mix foundation with concealer to make it lighter?

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Can I mix foundation with concealer to make it lighter?

Beauty is one of our top goals in everyday life. The society we live in areas where our looks are strongly emphasized.

What we look defines how much the culture around us values us. In the first one minute, we subconsciously draw conclusions about others, even before anything has been said.

Within one minute you’ll have decided if the person is cool, has money, his social status, if you like him, and many other things.

concealerSo we can’t allow ourselves to neglect our looks so you can mix foundation with concealer to make it lighter.

Make-up is an important tool to enhance our beauty. Makeup will improve our abilities and also cover those awkward blemishes that we don’t want the public to see. The following beauty tips explain the way the base is applied and hidden.

Beauty tip #1 is that you must first carry out a detailed skin analysis to determine whether you have oily skin, dry skin or average skin. The skin test will also assess the skin tone, eye color and other important criteria for cosmetics use.

Beauty tip number two is that you must first wash your face and hands before you apply makeup. It removes dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated on the skin.

A thin layer of hydrating agent can then be used and allowed to soak into the skin for a while. The hydrator helps make the skin cleaner. Then rinse in the warm water and take the towel dry on the nose.

The next step is the implementation of the foundation. You need to pick a base that suits your skin color or you can lighten a foundation with concealer.


When mixing the base, it should blend into the color of the natural skin without leaving any trace. Most foundations are colored in orange or purple. Nonetheless, a yellow base has proven to be most suitable for all skin colors.

Check the base on the jaw or the forehead to make sure it fits the skin. The base should then be applied with light downward strokes on the face. The fingertips or a sponge are just as good, particularly when you want a focus on a particular spot.

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