A feminist comedy podcast exploring what it means to be a feminist today. One theme, two guests, and a bunch of vaginas. Hosted by Lindsay Stidham and Angela Gulner.


46: Cosplay, Nudity, and Feminism, oh my! With Stephanie Michelle!

This week, we talk with the internet’s very own anime dream girl, Stephanie Michelle. Stephanie is a cosplayer known for her incredible costume builds, her intricate...


45: Keepin’ it LADYLIKE with Buzzfeed’s Chantel Houston and Devin Lytle

Do you own a computer? Have you ever accessed the internet? Are you still using dial-up? Grandpa, did you finally learn how to access a podcast? How? How? How, Grandpa, ho...


44: Rage Laughing with Cynthia Kao and Nikki Star

Cynthia Kao and Nikki Star are two of the smartest, funniest women working in LA. Join us as we chat intersectionality, sexual harassment in the workplace, turning anger i...


43: Reformed Whores Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson

We’ve got Reformed Whores, live and in studio, baby! Musical comedy duo Katy and Marie talk making music comedy magic, life on tour, and how they developed their sha...


42: SAFE(r) SEX with Lauren Weiniger

Imagine a world in which you can exchange sexual health statuses with a potential partner securely with just the swipe of your thumb. A world in which STDs are destigmatiz...


41: Callie Renison put Brock Turner in a Textbook

You saw it go viral. Rapist Brock Turner, in a criminal justice textbook, next to the word “Rape”. This week, we talk to the incredible woman who made it happe...


40: #USTOO (and the SLUTWalk)

On October 1st, we brought the Clambake to the Amber Rose SlutWalk in Downtown LA. It was a wildly empowering, chaotic, hilarious, and inspiring day that felt half fashion...


39: We got the fever… Blue Fever! With Greta McAnany and Lauren Tracy.

Greta McAnany and Lauren Tracy are co-founder of Blue Fever a new streaming platform for the best videos + series focused on women. Not only that, they are both badass fem...

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