How can I get involved? Is the resistance real? Is it effective? Join Emily Wanserski, James Tolbert, and Nick Skardarasy as they interview members of the resistance from the front lines to the hill in Washington. The resistance is alive and well. Together We Rebel.


Standing in Solidarity w/ Linda Capato Jr.

This week, we sit with activist extraordinaire Linda Capato, Jr. She talks about her early start in activism in college and how that translated to the “real world.&r...


Investing In A Progressive Future w/ Michael Kieschnick

Nick and Emily sat down with Michael Kieschnick, who speaks about his experience giving progressive consumers an opportunity to support social action via CREDO Mobile, a c...


War on Science & Facts w/ Shaughnessy Naughton

This week, WE REBEL chats with the President and Founder of 314Action, Shaughnessy Naughton. Focusing on supporting and training scientists to run for office, this organiz...


Mindful Policing & Activism w/ Lloyd Wilkey

Emily and James sat down with human relations consultant, facilitator, organizer, coach, and activist Lloyd Wilkey. An advocate for “Mindful Policing,” Lloyd s...


Making the Mobile Movement w/ Michael Luciani & Josh Buoy

This week, Nick and James chat with the Co-founders of The Tuesday Company, Michael Luciani (CEO) and Josh Buoy (Creative Director). They talk about how the 2016 election ...


Knocking Down Doors w/ Peter Morley

WE REBEL sits down with Health Care activist Peter Morley. He took his personal health problems and focused on advocating for the Affordable Care Act. Peter talks about hi...


Run for Something w/ Amanda Litman

WE REBEL sits down with Amanda Litman, the Co-Founder of Run For Something, an organization that recruits and supports young people to run for office. Focusing on progress...


Be at the Table and Change the Menu w/ Sayu Bohjwani

WE REBEL speaks with the Founder and President of The New American Leaders Project, Sayu Bohjwani. Sayu talks about how being an immigrant gives unique optimism in changin...

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