How can I get involved? Is the resistance real? Is it effective? Join Emily Wanserski, James Tolbert, and Nick Skardarasy as they interview members of the resistance from the front lines to the hill in Washington. The resistance is alive and well. Together We Rebel.


Vote With Your Money with Kat Taylor

James, Nick, and Emily connect with Kat Taylor, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Beneficial State Bank, to discuss the complicated relationship between money and politics. As ...


Getting White House Correspondents Dinner w/ Prashanth Venkat

Prashanth Venkat talks with Emily, James, and Nick about his experience as the Head Writer on the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner with comedian (and friend from col...


Tackling Gender Discrimination w/ Betsy Butler

Executive Director of the California Women’s Law Center, Betsy Butler sits down with the WE REBEL team to discuss equal pay, violence against women, and specifically...


Humanizing Politics w/ Sarah Ullman

Emily and James discuss how to weave together strategy, filmmaking, digital content, and local politics with Sarah Ullman. The Founder of One Vote at a Time, a SuperPAC of...


The Refugee Crisis w/ Trisha Arnold

Refugee advocate Trisha Arnold sits down with We Rebel to talk about volunteering to help with the refugee crisis, how she got involved, and her ideas for the future.


Get Your Gav On w/ Ghida Dhager

Nick, James, and Emily sit down with Ghida Dhager of United Way and discuss the future message of Democrats and progressives, reaching voters, and pushing past pre-conceiv...


It’s Never too Early to Start w/ Roger Wolfson

Emily, James, and Nick sit down with television writer and political counselor Roger Wolfson where they discuss Roger’s entry into politics, his path to Los Angeles,...


Find Your Blue Dot w/ Helen Hong

Emily, James, and Nick sit down with Comedian & Activist Helen Hong and talk about her work for the Bernie Sanders campaign, Lady Parts Justice, and using whatever you...

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