Some people have basic friends that they can’t discuss The Handmaid’s Tale with. Julia and Elissa will be your non-basic friends, delivering hot takes, incisive commentary and jokes that you are straight up welcome to recycle and take credit for at the water cooler. Does the friend zone still exist in Gilead? Do we as a society fetishize motherhood? How did Rory Gilmore become Ofglen? Is Julia even a woman if she’s never had a migraine? These are the kind of easy, breezy, beautiful questions we ask on Under Her Eye.


Episode 10 – The Worst Shopping Partner Ever

Julia, Elissa, Katie, and Jessica literally hold each through the season finale and proceed to break it down one last time. After a Comey-esque investigation into Elissa&r...


Episode 9 – Toilet Whisperer

Julia and Elissa sit down with Dear White People’s Leann Bowen to discuss Episode 9. We discuss June’s transformation into a full-on Mayday boss bitch, and the...


Episode 8 – Date Night

To get ready for this episode, which spans Nick’s backstory and the return of Moira, we give a pregnant Angelique Cabral a five-week-old kitten to breastfeed. No fol...


Episode 7 – Little America

SoCal girls Elissa and Jamie kick off this Luke-flashback episode by asking why no one can drive on this show, to which New England baby Julia replies, “Ice is a rea...


Episode 6 – Is That a Blood Wall?

Julia, Elissa, Caitie, and Hannah dissect “A Woman’s Place,” Episode 6 of the Chronicles of Gilead. The girls discuss how whatever organic cleaning produ...


Episode 5 – LadyFab Magazine

Episode five of Under Her Eye starts with Elissa, Julia, and their guest, Naomi, seriously fed up with Commander Waterford’s fun uncle, good guy routine. Fuck you an...


Episode 4 – Nolite Te Bastardes Carbonara

Co-hosts Elissa Karasik and Julia Meltzer sit down with actress and stand-up comedian Olivia Harewood to discuss Episode 4 of the The Handmaid’s Tale: ‘Nolite ...


Episode 3 – Rory Gilmore’s Clitorectomy

Episode three of Under Her Eye starts at an all-time low, with Julia, Elissa, and their guest, Sydney, reeling from Ofglen’s very bad trip to the doctor, but ends on...

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