People spend their whole lives looking for love. Sisters Alex and Sarah Franklin have spent their whole lives watching people find love on reality television. For years, they have taken the journey with millions of other Bachelor fans as they've watched smart, educated women take shots at love with handsome, wealthy, quintessential family men stocked with 401K's. Now they watch as a gaggle of eligible singles fall for a person with the most Instagram followers. Since then, Bachelor Nation has formed. We are the resistance. Just kidding, WE LIVE FOR IT. We embrace that Bachelor Nation isn't just a club, it's a way of life. So join us on this journey as we discuss and learn to trust the bachelor process.


Bachelor (2018) E7 I Venmo Us with Marcy Jarreau (Kar Dishin’ It Podcast)

This week was tough on everyone in Bachelor Mansion, but it was especially hard on us. First, a tragic goodbye between Jacqueline and Kendall, then the brutal silence betw...


Bachelor (2018) E6 I The Scooch with Katie Grossbard (Swiped Off Her Feet)

Pour a glass of wine and you’ll miss it BUT...Arie and the ladies have landed in the most Romantic. City. Ever. We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’...


Bachelor (2018) E5.1 I Where in the World is Bekah M?

Emergency episode of TTBP to cover the mystery that is Bekah M. Where was she November 12 - 17? Was it more shameful to be on the Bachelor than work on a weed farm?! Why d...


Bachelor (2018) E5 | Just like The Wolf of Wall Street!

This week on The Bachelor, our beautiful bachelorettes follow our mediocre bachelor to the magical land of Ft. Lauderdale! It’s obviously the perfect place to fall i...


Bachelor (2018) E4 | Lanco

It’s goodbye mansion, hello Tahoe, and now Sarah and Alex are planning another trip. This week TTBP covers hot bach hairstyles, group date strategies, and if age rea...


Bachelor (2018) E3 | Traumas

Bye, Bye Bibiana. Miss you in the Bahamas (or wherever they travel this season). Bye, Bye Bibiana… You’re five thousand mice drops in the wind. We appreciate ...


Bachelor (2018) E2 | Disagreements

We can all say with complete confidence that this second episode did not disappoint! Arie had two very different, but equally magical (arguable) one-on-one dates, followed...


Bachelor (2018) E1 | Salt & Pepper with Molly Hawkey (Bachelor Season 20 Contestant)

Happy New Year, and most importantly, Happy JanuArie!! Alex and Sarah ring in the holiday with the amazing Molly Hawkey (Bachelor Season 20) to discuss the first night of ...

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