People spend their whole lives looking for love. Sisters Alex and Sarah Franklin have spent their whole lives watching people find love on reality television. For years, they have taken the journey with millions of other Bachelor fans as they've watched smart, educated women take shots at love with handsome, wealthy, quintessential family men stocked with 401K's. Now they watch as a gaggle of eligible singles fall for a person with the most Instagram followers. Since then, Bachelor Nation has formed. We are the resistance. Just kidding, WE LIVE FOR IT. We embrace that Bachelor Nation isn't just a club, it's a way of life. So join us on this journey as we discuss and learn to trust the bachelor process.


Game One, First Quarter with Christine Pfeil

We’re back, and then gone, and then back again! Chris Harrison had a lot of alone time on that empty beach to think about the true definition of consent. Unfortunate...


Technical Difficulties

TT(B)P will be back Thursday this week recapping all of the BIP premiere!


Loveā€¦ Actually? with Stevie Nelson (I Burn Everything)

Wow. What a whirlwind it’s been. It feels like just yesterday we were watching Rachel and Peter making out in a hot tub 2 hours… now, look where we are. The g...


Ocular Facts with Marcy Jarreau (KarDishinIt Podcast)

This week, Marcy Jarreau joins Alex and Sarah for a very special Men Tell All episode. They break down the psyches of all the men on Rachel’s season (even some that ...


Dr. Bryan – the Next Ted Bundy? with Betsy Sodaro

This week comedian, Betsy Sodaro joins Alex and Sarah to talk “fantasy suites”...only we couldn’t because they lied to us. In the wake of being blue ball...


Aunt V For Harrison with Ryan Middledorf & Olivia Duncan

Is your ideal date a casual morning at the farmers market, followed by an afternoon pick-up basketball game and ended with a major family confrontation? Then hometowns wee...


Observitries with Jules LaRosa

Therapy, periods, poop - Alex and Sarah cover it all on this week’s episode of TT(B)P!  Friend of the pod, Jules LaRosa joins in to discuss the super star men R...


Oh My God, Snake with Shane Lennon

This week’s episode of T(T)BP is the most controversial to date. Listen as Alex and Sarah go to head-to-head with Shane Lennon, from Playing Favorites podcast, as th...

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