Jimmy Buffett is one of the most important figures in pop culture history - that's a fact and Ryan Middledorf and Patrick McDonald are determined to prove it to you. Join them each and every week for a one-stop-shop of all things Buffett, from his hit songs, to his books, to his wildly successful chain of restaurants - no stone will be left unturned in this nautically nonsensical podcast. Grab a margarita, pull out that Adirondack chair and prepare to be whisked away to Margaritaville, because wouldn't you know it...it's five o' clock.


48 – Beach House On the Moon

What's happening, Parrothead Podcast Heads - welcome to the 48th episode! This week on the show, you're in for a treat because Ryan and Patrick are diving in head first in...


47 – Don’t Stop the Carnival

Hello Parrotheads and welcome to the Parrothead Podcast! This week on the show, Patrick and Ryan dive deep into Don't Stop the Carnival - a short-lived musical that JB hel...


46 – Banana Wind

Oh baby, do you hear that? It's the sound of five o'clock! This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Patrick and Ryan get super-duper loopy! That's right, this episode goes com...


45 – 21 & Over w/ Joey Bergren

It's finally happened - Patrick and Ryan have completely embraced their inner-dad...join your favorite Parrotheads and, friend of the show, Joey Bergren on an alcohol-indu...


44 – Barometer Soup

Attention Parrotheads, brace yourselves for a wild and wack ride! This week on the show, Patrick and Ryan are chatting about Saint Jimmy's 1995 album, Barometer Soup - an ...


43 – Fruitcakes

Attention, Parrotheads! We have officially made it to Jimmy's 1994 masterpiece, Fruitcakes, and guess what...it's amazing!


42 – Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (Rarities and B-Sides)

Howdy, Parrotheads and welcome to your podcast for all things Jimmy Buffett! This week on the pod, we're diving deep into box-set territory with the rarities and b-sides f...


41 – Feeding Frenzy: Jimmy Buffett Live!

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Parrothead Podcast! This week, Patrick and Ryan are diving deep into JB's first album from the 1990s, Feeding Frenzy - an album...

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