Jimmy Buffett is one of the most important figures in pop culture history - that's a fact and Ryan Middledorf and Patrick McDonald are determined to prove it to you. Join them each and every week for a one-stop-shop of all things Buffett, from his hit songs, to his books, to his wildly successful chain of restaurants - no stone will be left unturned in this nautically nonsensical podcast. Grab a margarita, pull out that Adirondack chair and prepare to be whisked away to Margaritaville, because wouldn't you know it...it's five o' clock.


33 – Floridays (Song) w/ George Barber

This week, Ryan and Patrick sit down with George Barber (actor/improviser/musician) about his peripheral knowledge about the Man from Margaritaville, the working class and...


32 – Last Mango In Paris

This week on The Parrothead Podcast, Patrick and Ryan dive deep into JB's 1985 album, Last Mango In Paris. They also discuss whether the 1980's were a great era for Saint ...


31 – Riddles In the Sand

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Patrick and Ryan dive deep into Jimmy's 1984 album Riddles In the Sand. Has JB swayed back into his country roots? Is this really "gul...


30 – One Particular Harbour

This week on the podcast, your two favorite Parrotheads come to the realization that the 1980's aren't as bad as they thought they would be.


29 – Somewhere Over China

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, your favorite Jimmy Buffett fans (two sweet boys named Patrick and Ryan) are discussing the 1982 album Somewhere Over China - ever hea...


28 – Coconut Telegraph

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Patrick and Ryan dive head-first into uncharted territory...the 1980's. Join in as your two favorite Parrotheads chat about Jimmy's 19...


27 – Top 10 (1970s)

That’s right - the rumors are true. Your favorite Parrotheads have officially made it through the 1970s! This was no easy task, but they conquered the unconquerable rela...


26 – Volcano

We’ve made it - we’ve reached the end of the 1970’s. Congratulations. This week on the show, Ryan and Patrick are discussing Jimmy’s 1979 album, Volcano - an album...

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