Jimmy Buffett is one of the most important figures in pop culture history - that's a fact and Ryan Middledorf and Patrick McDonald are determined to prove it to you. Join them each and every week for a one-stop-shop of all things Buffett, from his hit songs, to his books, to his wildly successful chain of restaurants - no stone will be left unturned in this nautically nonsensical podcast. Grab a margarita, pull out that Adirondack chair and prepare to be whisked away to Margaritaville, because wouldn't you know it...it's five o' clock.


28 – Coconut Telegraph

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Patrick and Ryan dive head-first into uncharted territory...the 1980's. Join in as your two favorite Parrotheads chat about Jimmy's 19...


27 – Top 10 (1970s)

That’s right - the rumors are true. Your favorite Parrotheads have officially made it through the 1970s! This was no easy task, but they conquered the unconquerable rela...


26 – Volcano

We’ve made it - we’ve reached the end of the 1970’s. Congratulations. This week on the show, Ryan and Patrick are discussing Jimmy’s 1979 album, Volcano - an album...


25 – You Had To Be There: Recorded Live

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Ryan and Patrick are tackling Jimmy Buffett’s very first live album and ooh baby, is it a good one! Enjoy!


24 – Parrot Heads (The Documentary)

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Ryan and Patrick take a deep dive into Parrot Heads - the documentary. Check it out now on Netflix!


23 – Son Of A Son Of A Sailor

Attention Parrotheads - we are STILL in the 1970’s…23 episodes in and we’re still covering the first decade of ol’ Saint Jimmy’s career. That’s okay though, be...


22 – Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes

This week on the Parrothead Podcast, Patrick and Ryan are delving deep into the album that spawned Margaritaville - Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes. Enjoy!


21 – LIVE(ish) from Margaritaville

Well, well, well...it finally happened! The Parrothead Podcast has gone on tour - a tour to one destination for absolutely no one other than Ryan's beautiful girlfriend, ...

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