In a world where shows are binge watched and all of your favorite childhood movies and TV shows are being rebooted and re-made...the universe heard your cries to relive the GOLDEN AGE OF CARTOONS! John Roiniotis and Nicole Villela have teamed up to bring you a nostalgia-inducing podcast featuring your favorite cartoons from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s by binge watching entire seasons and talking about them with comedians/animators/writers/and super fans!


Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie – Hector Navarro

Hector Navarro joins us to talk about the Hey Arnold! Jungle movie and to discuss why he thinks it might be one of the best/most important movies of this year! It’s ...


Animaniacs – Heather Woodward

Heather Woodward joins us to talk about her favorite show, Animaniacs! Join us as we talk about this amazing show and it’s perfect blend of original songs, and jokes...


Ducktales Treasure of the Lost Lamp – Ryan Hitchcock

Ryan Hitchcock joins John and David as we talk about this Odd piece of 90's animated Cinema in the Big Screen Adaptation of Ducktales! Join us as we discuss the weird Raci...


Over the Garden Wall w/ Jessica Uhler

Jessica Uhler Joins us this week to talk with John and New Cohost David Kantrowitz about the recent cult classic Halloween mini-series Over the Garden Wall. Tune in to hea...


BéBé’s Kids w/ Dominique Johnson

Dominique Johnson joins us this week to talk about the cult classic 90's animated movie BéBé's Kids! We talk about it's influence on kids of that times and it's depictio...


Samurai Jack Pt. 4 w/ Jordan Pridgen

Samurai Jack Part 4! We've finally reached the present as John and Jordan discuss the amazing episodes of season four of Samurai Jack and the beginning of the new season! ...


Lilo & Stitch w/ Matt Figueira

Matt Figueira joins us this week to talk about the Disney Classic Lilo & Stitch! We examine how the movie has lasted as one of the non traditional favorites of the Di...


Samurai Jack Pt. 3 w/ Jordan Pridgen

Nicole, John and Jordan are back talking about Season 3 in preparation for the premiere of Samurai Jack season five! Tune in as the gang jumps back into the past and reli...

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