We all have a movie we’ve seen a million times and can recite by heart. PLAYING FAVORITES WITH SHANE LENNON puts that to the test! Every week, guests will join Shane to talk about a film that is strongly ingrained in their being, and then attempt to recreate the movie, using as much dialogue and as many plot lines as they can remember. Shane will do his best to keep up and keep it right, but he makes NO guarantees.


The Producers w/ Seth Brown & Danny Jacobs

The Producers was an glaring gap in my Mel Brooks knowledge. Thankfully, Seth Brown and Danny Jacobs (The Understudies improv) love it so much, I finally got to see it! We...


Crossroads w/ Alex Franklin & Tim Zientek

Teen pregnancy. Fat-shaming. Terrible mothers. Back tattoos. Cheetos. These things and much more are all themes of the pre-Shonaverse Shonda Rhimes'/ pre-mental breakdown ...


Star Wars w/ Patrick Ehlers & Mark Mitchell

C'mon, how can you not love Star Wars? Patrick Ehlers and Mark Mitchell (Nintendo Cartridge Society podcast) come on the show to discuss how Star Warshas always been a par...


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King w/ Dickie Copeland & Joel Jensen

Going into this, I thought I was going to be the only one who really nerded out deeply on this film. But then, Dickie Copeland and Joel Jensen (UCB Harold Night's The Drag...


Heavyweights w/ Noah Findling & Kristen Zublin

Alright, campers; we got a good one for you today. Noah Findling & Kristen Zublin (My Mom's Minivan improv) come on the show to discuss the Judd Apatow summer camp cla...


You’ve Got Mail w/ Ryan Kelly Coil & Ellie Race-Moore

*AOL BOOTUP SOUND* Remember that? Crazy right? Well if you don't remember, don't worry: Ryan Kelly Coil and Ellie Race-Moore (Summerland Improv) bring us the Nora Ephron r...


Titanic w/ Sarah Franklin & Ryan Middledorf

I've always hated this movie. So when Sarah Franklin (Under The Top Part Of The Boat) and Ryan Middledorf (Cheers, Stomps and Whistles, Under The Top Part Of Boat) suggest...


Garden State w/ Will Lennon & Ian T. McFarland

The movie that inspired all of this. Will Lennon (Cinema Eye Honors, documentaries) and Ian T. McFarland (editor) join me in my matched teenage love for 'Garden State', th...

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