We all have a movie we’ve seen a million times and can recite by heart. PLAYING FAVORITES WITH SHANE LENNON puts that to the test! Every week, guests will join Shane to talk about a film that is strongly ingrained in their being, and then attempt to recreate the movie, using as much dialogue and as many plot lines as they can remember. Shane will do his best to keep up and keep it right, but he makes NO guarantees.


Con Air w/ Jessica Jean Jardine & Dan Lippert

Well, it took 25 episodes, but we finally got a NIC CAGE MOVIE. And a great Nic Cage movie at that. Jessica Jean Jardine (Kar Dishin’ It podcast, UCB Harold Night&rs...


Home Alone w/ John Hume, Shane Spiegel & Valerie Wakefield

LOOK WHAT WE DID, YOU LITTLE JERK! A podcast! Finally! John Hume, Shane Spiegel and Valerie Wakefield (Free Puppies improv) do a very off the rails version of the Christma...


Enough w/ Jesse Esparza & Julian Gonzalez

I never thought I’d ever see and then recreate Jennifer Lopez’s thriller ‘Enough’ for my show. I also never thought I could be scared an episode of...


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan w/ Ben Dietzel, Katelyn Hempstead, Grant Martz, Alexis Preston & Julia Zimmerman

Captain's log, stardate 95206.53. Playing Favorites welcomes Katelyn Hempstead (Lizard People podcast, Kid Scissors improv), Ben Dietzel & Alexis Preston (Kid Scissor ...


500 Days of Summer w/ Taylor Cox, Alex Franklin & Ray Gordon

This is a podcast about a story about boy meets girl. The guest , Taylor Cox of Amazon’s ‘Just Add Magic’, grew up believing that she'd never truly get h...


Groundhog Day w/ Dennis Curlett, Danny Cymbal & Michael Gardner

Prima donna. That’s not only how Larry the cameraman describes Phil Connors in ‘Groundhog Day’ but also how I would describe each member of Funk Shuffle ...


Clueless w/ Emily Durrett, Hannah Garces & Elizabeth Guest

Some people might still think ‘Clueless’ is a shallow chick flick. As if! Emily Durrett, Hannah Garces and Elizabeth Guest (Fresh Hell improv) come on the show...


Hot Rod w/ Amanda Bonar, Jimmy Kehoe & Cory Webster

‘Hot Rod’ is a perfect encapsulation of The Lonely Island’s humor. You’re either in or you’re out. Thankfully, Amanda Bonar, Jimmy Kehoe and ...

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