We all have a movie we’ve seen a million times and can recite by heart. PLAYING FAVORITES WITH SHANE LENNON puts that to the test! Every week, guests will join Shane to talk about a film that is strongly ingrained in their being, and then attempt to recreate the movie, using as much dialogue and as many plot lines as they can remember. Shane will do his best to keep up and keep it right, but he makes NO guarantees.


The Godfather w/ Joe Lennon & Kipp Lennon

As a gift for Father’s Day, I thought the best thing I could do is have my father, Joe Lennon, and my uncle/godfather, Kipp Lennon, on my podcast to discuss and recreate...


The Emperor’s New Groove w/ Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran & Oscar Montoya

Boom baby! Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran and Oscar Montoya (Inside the Disney Vault podcast) come on the show to talk Disney's David Spade vehicle 'The Emperor's New Groo...


Almost Famous w/ Julia Meltzer

“Real man, real.” That’s not just what guitarist Russell Hammond of Stillwater wants in life; that’s how Julia Meltzer (Honey, UCB Harold Night) and I would descri...


The Sandlot w/ Dennis Curtlett, Conner McCabe & Cara Meyers

Hey, you blockheads! Unless you're a heartless monster, you have to love 'The Sandlot.' I was so happy to happy Dennis Curtlett, Conner McCabe and Cara Meyers (UCB improv)...


Airborne w/ Craig Gerard & Matt Zinman

"How often does this once-in-a-lifetime wave come along?" This question  Mitchell 'Goose' Goosen asks in the extreme rollerblading movie 'Airborne' could be a question ab...


The Producers w/ Seth Brown & Danny Jacobs

The Producers was an glaring gap in my Mel Brooks knowledge. Thankfully, Seth Brown and Danny Jacobs (The Understudies improv) love it so much, I finally got to see it! We...


Crossroads w/ Alex Franklin & Tim Zientek

Teen pregnancy. Fat-shaming. Terrible mothers. Back tattoos. Cheetos. These things and much more are all themes of the pre-Shonaverse Shonda Rhimes'/ pre-mental breakdown ...


Star Wars w/ Patrick Ehlers & Mark Mitchell

C'mon, how can you not love Star Wars? Patrick Ehlers and Mark Mitchell (Nintendo Cartridge Society podcast) come on the show to discuss how Star Warshas always been a par...

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