Patrick Ehlers and Mark Mitchell breakdown news, games, and everything else Nintendo in this weekly podcast. Old games, new games, rumors, nothing’s off limits as two life-long Nintendo fans discuss the house that Mario built.


Learning to Love Sonic the Hedgehog with Rian Kountzhouse

Patrick and Mark have never understood Sonic the Hedgehog, but with this week’s release of Sonic Mania they’re determined to figure it out! With the help of comedian a...


The Nintendo World Championships return, a Metroid New 3DS, and Switch is the new Vita (News from 8/15/17)

Your Nintendo news for the week of 8/15/17! Nintendo’s strange eShop release schedule strikes again as both Severed and the Rayman Legends Demo appear out of nowhere! Pl...


Yoshi’s Story with Kelly Nugent

This week, Patrick and Mark are joined by comedian and podcaster Kelly Nugent (Teen Creeps, Hellmouthy) to discuss the 1998 Nintendo 64 classic: Yoshi’s Story. They ...


SNES Classic Pre-orders Confirmed, More Tests from Capcom, & Splatfest Results (News from 8/8/17)

Your Nintendo news for the week of 8/8/17! Patrick and Mark admit defeat! Okay, so Splatfest didn’t exactly go their way, but at least there’s a lot of not new Dragon ...


N64 Classic Predictions

Rumors abound that Nintendo is preparing an N64 Classic Edition for 2018, and that means it's time for Patrick and Mark to place another $1 million bet. What games will it...


Dragon Quest XI localization, retailers hoard NES Classic Editions, & the mysterious case of the missing preorders (News from 8/1/17)

Your Nintendo news for the week of 8/1/17! There may be kind of a drought of new releases this week, but that just gives Patrick and Mark another opportunity to talk about...


Splatoon 2 Reactions

Splatoon 2 is finally here, and Patrick and Mark are trying to stay fresh… or whatever it is this time ‘round. From Turf War to Salmon Rush, and all the fat, fluffy ca...


Pokémon Go Fest & N64 Classic Edition(?!) (News from 7/25/17)

Your Nintendo news of the week of 7/25/17! Pokemon Go Festival evolves from Festival to Disaster, and the guys are there to walk you through it. Plus, rumors of a Nintendo...

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