Do you feel sophisticated when you drink bourbon? Does biting into a hot dog bring you back to the pool club snack shack? Are muffins just un-frosted cupcakes?! Join your hosts each week as they take you on a journey via their taste buds by discussing food / drink items that have special, emotional connections to them. If you enjoy eating, drinking and talking about your feelings with friends, then this is the show for you!


Live Episode: Bianca Del Rio’s Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Wedding Punch takes over UCB Sunset Hollywood. Correction: Bianca Del Rio takes over everything and no one complains. They discuss the classic food item you can’t de...


Farley Elliot’s La Fin Du Monde

Wedding Punch sips the delicious Belgian-style Canadian beer while discussing who was was a partier in high school and who wasn’t. Most of us weren’t. Julia re...


Elle Eckley’s Suddenly Pasta Salad

Wedding Punch goes after a Block Party staple with Suddenly Pasta Salad. Well, not a staple in the Meeks’ household. “From a box? No thank you,” says Joh...


Joel Spence’s Maker’s Mark on the Rocks

The Wedding punch gang cracks that red wax and sips some small-batch Kentucky bourbon. Joel is a fish out of water playing the heavy in a film about the life of Jesus just...


New Year’s Mini-Episode with Prosecco

Wedding Punch enjoys some prosecco while, once again, not knowing a whole lot about it. Joel gives Julia’s request for listeners to rate our podcast only four stars....


Katie Neith’s Shoofly Pie

Wedding Punch finds themselves enjoying a Pennsylvania Dutch Holiday tradition: Katie Neith’s Shoo Fly Pie. Good for dessert, good with coffee in morning. Well, just...


Holly Burrell’s Brown Butter Shortbread

This week we nosh on some delicious Brown Butter Shortbread from Ty Burrell’s...well that’s a matter of discussion.  A few of us reveal what we become whe...


Joel Spence’s Gin and Tonic

Ahh sipping on G&Ts, intellectual conversation with bon mots a-plenty...well, we tried. Julia gets things going with a rather bawdy sorority toast. Ty acknowledges tha...

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