Do you feel sophisticated when you drink bourbon? Does biting into a hot dog bring you back to the pool club snack shack? Are muffins just un-frosted cupcakes?! Join your hosts each week as they take you on a journey via their taste buds by discussing food / drink items that have special, emotional connections to them. If you enjoy eating, drinking and talking about your feelings with friends, then this is the show for you!


Joel Spence’s Gin and Tonic

Ahh sipping on G&Ts, intellectual conversation with bon mots a-plenty...well, we tried. Julia gets things going with a rather bawdy sorority toast. Ty acknowledges tha...


Julie Brister’s Hot Dog with Smashed Up Andy Capp’s Hot Fries

Wedding Punch brings it back to summer and food you’d eat by a pool, lake or unexplained “weird beach.”  Fun memories are recalled - you know, like ...


Liz Jenkins’ Macaroni Pie

The Wedding Punch gang takes a dive into a very special Thanksgiving recipe on this very special episode.


Johnny Meeks’ Budweiser

In this week’s episode the Wedding Punch gang sets sail with an old classic sailor’s toast from Johnny (It’ll disappoint you). While sipping on the King ...


The Margarita

While sipping some tasty Margaritas, the Wedding Punch gang reveals their food service industry un-success stories - Julia worked only one day and Ty couldn’t even.....


Julia Meltzer’s Buffalo Chicken Dip with “Hint of Lime” Chips

While munching on some tasty dip, the Wedding Punch gang explores some questionable Shakespeare directorial choices and the most famous Macbeth character, Craig. We also s...


Brea Grant’s Pumpkin Cupcakes

The Wedding Punch gang goes all in on Halloween!  What really is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? Is there actually a difference and dammit why can&rsqu...


The Aperol Spritz

The Wedding Punch gang (Ty Burrell, Johnny Meeks, Mel Cowan, Joel Spence, and Julia Meltzer) enjoys a refreshing aperitif from Ty’s past while discussing the da...

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