What if the government actually did cover something up in Roswell? What if yetis exist and are just really shy? What if super-intelligent lizards are wearing human skin suits, influencing international affairs and recording podcasts? Conspiracy theories are cool because they appeal to our evolved logical human brains and our stupid mammal idiot brains. So join comedian and skeptic Katelyn Hempstead as her brilliant friends try to convince her of these and many other conspiracy theories.


The Moon Is a Hollow Satellite with Matt McCarthy

What’s the moon’s deal, honestly? We’re supposed to believe it just floats up there effecting the tides and whatnot? Yeah right. Our guest this week - th...


Genealogy Sites Are Stealing DNA Information with Dani Rosenberg

‘Just swipe your cheek and spit into a jar and we’ll tell you all about your ancestors’ they said. ‘We’ll sequence your DNA, it’ll be f...


Flat Earth with Ben Dietzel

The earth is flat. This is a fallacy believed by human beings throughout time, and without reason. And yet for all the things that make no goddamn sense about flat Earth t...


Melania’s Body Double with Lindsay Stidham

Stalin. Putin. Saddam Hussein. Melania Trump. What do these three public figures have in common? No not fascism you doof, they’re all rumored to use body doubles! Th...


Parallel Universes with Michael Gardner

Sometimes Lizard People can be pretty wacky. But sometimes we just want to settle down, chill out, and talk about what really separates quantum mechanics from religion whe...


The Mob Killed JFK with Mary Sasson

Who shot JFK? If you think it was Lee Harvey Oswald, the dude hiding in a book dispensary with a big ass rifle, you truly are a chump. This week we address the conspiracy ...


The Cecil Hotel Cover-Up with Heather Anne Campbell

What blends true crime, paranormal activity, the Great Depression, adultery, murder, Hollywood glamour, and unsolvable mystical mysteries?  What’s that you say?...


The Simpsons Are A Black Family with Lorraine DeGraffenreidt

Oh boy did we have fun with this one. Lorraine DeGraffenreidt stopped by to present all the evidence for the Simpsons in fact being an African-American family. Sound crazy...

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