The Notebook. Titanic. High School Musical. The great love stories of our time. In real life, we don't get to see love stories unfold. We miss the moment when two people decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Lucky for you, this podcast delivers you a love story each and every episode and you're there from start to finish. Naomi asks her guests a series of revealing questions that will no doubt lead to them falling in love. By the end of this, Naomi hopes to be in love with everyone she knows.


Kate Spencer – “I Feel Like You Would Take Good Care Of Me”

Kate and Naomi are real life and internet friends. They are both too empathetic, sensitive, love Oprah, and they both treat people in the service industry with kindness an...


Lou Wilson – “Emotionally Closer”

Lou and Naomi are friends. They’re on several improv teams together and they’re known to partake in a good late night hang. They have a mutual respect for each...


Kale Hills – “Being Heard and Feeling Known”

Kale and Naomi are new friends. Most of what they now know about each other was discovered during this podcast. They had very different upbringings but they both moved aro...


Jillian Vogel – “Venn Diagram”

Jillian and Naomi are basically the same person. They definitely have personality differences, but they have the same general moral compass and core personality traits. Th...


Matt Rath – “Head Over Heels”

Naomi flips the script and Matt (Naomi's boyfriend) interviews her. Matt asks Naomi all the questions she usually asks her guests. They live together and have been dating ...


Nina Concepción – “Rom-Com Style Love”

Nina and Naomi are friends. They have bonded relentlessly over Ayesha Curry and Tina Knowles. They share a lot of the same interests, will that give them a stronger founda...


Laci Mosley – “Now We Can Make It Through Anything”

Laci and Naomi are friends. They were placed on the same Harold team, DIRT. Laci’s mom has a room in her home dedicated to Oprah so if they were to fall in love, Nao...


Cissy Fenwick – “I’ll Stay Here”

Cissy and Naomi are good friends. Cissy was Naomi's improv coach and they inevitably transitioned into friends. Can they now transition into lovers as well? It would be a ...

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