The Notebook. Titanic. High School Musical. The great love stories of our time. In real life, we don't get to see love stories unfold. We miss the moment when two people decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Lucky for you, this podcast delivers you a love story each and every episode and you're there from start to finish. Naomi asks her guests a series of revealing questions that will no doubt lead to them falling in love. By the end of this, Naomi hopes to be in love with everyone she knows.


Haley Hepworth – “We’ll Make It Work”

Naomi and Haley are good friends. They enjoy a good brunch together. Will their brunches turn into wild sexy meals if they fall in love? When Harry Met Sally style? Also o...


Mark David Christenson – “I’ve Always Been In Love With You”

Dave and Naomi are good friends. Although they bicker, they have a mutual respect for one another. Will these questions cause Dave's weird movements and phrases make Naomi...


Erin Whitehead – “If You Were Single I’d Ask You Out Again”

Erin and Naomi are casual friends. They've hung out before but not a lot. They definitely like each other already but they haven't taken it to the next level. Will this fo...


Emily Schmidt – “I’m Even More In Love With You”

Emily and Naomi are close friends. They get real giggly and sassy with each other as displayed in this episode. What do they not already know about each other? What happen...


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