Lorraine DeGraffenreidt is a black person! Sarah Isaacson is a Jewish person! As it turns out, there's a lot of black and Jewish stuff that they don't know anything about -- and that makes them feel guilty! So now, they're getting learnt up. Join Lorraine and Sarah as they discover classic movies everyone's already seen (Schindler's List anyone???), conquer basic ethnic foods (chicken and waffles!!!) and generally improve as adult people, all while making their black and Jewish dads proud.


14 – Spaceballs and Malcolm X

Lorraine and Sarah continue to get learnt up on classic movies!! Sarah takes a huge step forward, finally watches Spaceballs (1987) and concludes that it's mostly just......


​13 – Audre Lorde and Barbra Streisand

It's pride month and Lorraine and Sarah are getting learnt up on black and Jewish gay icons! Sarah discovers living legend Barbra Streisand aka Babs Bunny -- guess what, ...


12 – Sally Hemings and Chandra Levy

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on black and Jewish scandals!! On this episode, Lorraine digs into the herstory of Thomas Jefferson's relationship with his slave/half-sis...


Learnt Up Mixtape: Black n’ Jewish Tunez from the Earth to the Moonz

Happy Mem' Day, peeps! Lorraine and Sarah are trying something different on this one. They're bringing you a funky-ass playlist to take you from holiday weekend vibes to J...


11 – Stereotypes

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on stereotypes! And by "learnt up" we mostly mean "nervous to talk about" (although Sarah wants everyone to know she *did* research the "J...


10 – Sharing the Shame w/ Cody Ziglar

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on CODY ZIGLAR aka Zig aka Learnt Up's first ever guest! On this episode everybody shares the shame! Zig learns himself up on the Black Pa...


09 – Eartha Kitt and Hedy Lamarr

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on black and Jewish SEX GODDESSES. Bow down, world. Eartha Kitt and Hedy Lamarr were more than just bodacious babes -- they also had big f...


08 – Anti-Semitism and Missing DC Girls

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on current events! Sarah tries to make sense of the rise in anti-Semitic attacks under Trump, and Lorraine wonders what happened to those ...

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