Lorraine DeGraffenreidt is a black person! Sarah Isaacson is a Jewish person! As it turns out, there's a lot of black and Jewish stuff that they don't know anything about -- and that makes them feel guilty! So now, they're getting learnt up. Join Lorraine and Sarah as they discover classic movies everyone's already seen (Schindler's List anyone???), conquer basic ethnic foods (chicken and waffles!!!) and generally improve as adult people, all while making their black and Jewish dads proud.


22 – School’s Out For Summer

Schoooooool's Out. For. Summer. (If your school gets out mid-August.) Schoooooool's Out. For. Ever. (If September is forever from now.) Hey guys, these two workin...


21 – Extra Credit: Orthodox Jews pt. 2

Annnnnd we're back, with another episode of Wig or No Wig -- the game show that shows you a bunch of ultra-Orthodox women and you have to guess if they're wearing wigs or ...


20 – Extra Credit: Bloods/Crips pt. 2 and Orthodox Jews

Lorraine & Sarah keep the study party going by sharing stuff they learnt but never got to include in official Learnt Up curricula. Lorraine picks up where she left off...


19 – Extra Credit: Bloods/Crips pt. 1

Lorraine & Sarah break the Learnt Up mold to share stuff they learnt but didn't get to cover in past episodes. As diehard Learnters might recall from the gangsters epi...


18: Ran Danker and Naomi Campbell

In this episode, Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on black and Jewish supermodels. Ran Danker is a dreamy Israeli bae whose "Jew or Not Jew" score is TBD but the Learnt Up...


17: Sharing the Shame w/ Danny Cullen

It's round 2 of Sharing the Shame, aka a chance for Lorraine and Sarah to relax and let someone else do the homework! Comedian/Actor/Director Danny Cullen had a lot of lea...


16 – Red Lobster and Jews and Lobster

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on lobsters! For this ep, the gals traveled to Red Lobster to investigate why it's such a "black thing" and, long story short, they died a...


15 – Bugsy Siegel and Mutulu Shakur

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on gangsters! Pew pew! Get ready for some organized notes on organized crime. 2Pac's stepdad Mutulu Shakur is a black nationalis...

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