Lorraine DeGraffenreidt is a black person! Sarah Isaacson is a Jewish person! As it turns out, there's a lot of black and Jewish stuff that they don't know anything about -- and that makes them feel guilty! So now, they're getting learnt up. Join Lorraine and Sarah as they discover classic movies everyone's already seen (Schindler's List anyone???), conquer basic ethnic foods (chicken and waffles!!!) and generally improve as adult people, all while making their black and Jewish dads proud.


35 – Sharing the Shame with Matt Wyatt

And now it’s time for mommy to put on her robe, put on her cold cream, and pour herself a Baileys on the rocks cuz we have a guest here to do all the work! Matt Wyat...


34 – Invisible Man & Night

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on books! The Learnt Up hosts discuss Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and Elie Wiesel's Night. This episode is like your favorite cafe holid...


33 – Sanford and Son & Mary Tyler Moore Show

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on sitcoms! Lorraine watches Sanford and Son, a groundbreaking show with a cantankerous black protagonist who pushed the limits of what yo...


32 – Hot 97

Yo yo yo! You’re listening to Learnt Up in the Morning, with DJ Ebro and DJ Rosenberg. Sike! It’s Lorraine and Sarah, talking about legendary NYC radio station...


31 – Sharing the Shame with Ethnically Ambiguous Podcast

Lorraine and Sarah welcome two world news savvy guests, Shereen Younes and Anna Hossnieh, from Ethnically Ambiguous Podcast! Shereen and Anna keep it so so real as they ge...


30 – Live at UCB Inner Sanctum 10.30.17

Lorraine & Sarah share the shame with actress & UCB writer-performer, Ele Woods. Ele learnts everybody up on “the One Drop rule” and hypodescent - the ...


29 – Ralph Baer and Frederick McKinley Jones

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on inventors! Do you like playing video games and not eating rotten meat? Then you have a Jew Boo and a Black Boo to thank, respectively! ...


28 – Hennessy & Kosher Wine

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on booze! Join the gals as they explore what Hennessy means to black Americans and why kosher wine is more than just Manischewitz -- and b...

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