Don’t worry! You don’t have to get it before it goes back inside the vault, because we’re going Inside the Disney Vault. Your hosts Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran and Oscar Montoya are venturing inside the Disney Vault each week to watch, discuss, criticize, and celebrate every Disney animated movie in chronological order. Come along on this journey as we go back and revisit some classics, forgotten treasures and some movies that should probably remain locked away. The movie is about to start, so keep your arms and legs inside the vault at all times and please stand clear of the closing door, because we’re going Inside The Disney Vault. Cover illustration by Daniel Cole. Theme music by Michael Chambers.


Robinhood (1973) With Rob Hugel

We find comedian Rob Hugel in the forest and discuss Robinhood, the legendary tale as told by animals. A dreamy fox steals from the stupid and gives to the adorable in thi...


The Aristocats (1970) with Andy Apuy

We scat on through the vault to find writer and podcaster Andy Apuy’s jazz pad and discuss the Aristocats. A popular, yet unsung favorite to many, others may call th...


Minnie Ep: Thanksgiving 2017 with Alex Song

We journey to the New York portion of the vault and find the very funny Alex Song, who sits down with us for a Disney Thanksgiving feast. We discuss the (kind of? sort of?...


The Jungle Book (1967) with Lou Wilson

We find the very sweet and funny Lou Wilson (@sweetlouzinho) in the vault to discuss The Jungle Book, a childhood favorite that none of us remembered a thing about- except...


The Sword in the Stone (1963) with Carrie Poppy

We find illustrious podcaster and fellow Disney fan, Carrie Poppy (@CarriePoppyYES) in the vault for the medieval, magical education of a kid named Wart (obvious nickname ...


101 Dalmatians 1961 with Thorgy Thor

We are feeling in-credible as Thorgy Thor (@ThorgyThor) of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us for a sinfully tickling chat about 101 Dalmatians. Barking mad Cruella De Vil,...


Sleeping Beauty (1959) with Shalyah Evans

We’re graced with the presence of real life Disney Princess, Shalyah Evans (@ShalyahEvans), who joins us to chat all about Sleeping Beauty and other close personal f...


Halloween Special 2017!

Things get spooky as the Three Mousketeers discuss all things Disney Halloween! We watch and rate four Disney animated Halloween shorts (The Skeleton Dance 1929, The Lones...

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