Don’t worry! You don’t have to get it before it goes back inside the vault, because we’re going Inside the Disney Vault. Your hosts Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran and Oscar Montoya are venturing inside the Disney Vault each week to watch, discuss, criticize, and celebrate every Disney animated movie in chronological order. Come along on this journey as we go back and revisit some classics, forgotten treasures and some movies that should probably remain locked away. The movie is about to start, so keep your arms and legs inside the vault at all times and please stand clear of the closing door, because we’re going Inside The Disney Vault. Cover illustration by Daniel Cole. Theme music by Michael Chambers.


Fun and Fancy Free (1947) With Hannah Kanengieter

Hannah Kanengieter (@cannongator) joins us this week to discuss sexism in Bongo the Circus Bear and an inappropriate birthday party in Mickey and the Beanstalk. Famed sing...


Song Of The South (1946) with Carl Tart

We dug deep in the vault and found the infamously controversial film along with the hilarious Carl Tart (@dammitcarl). That’s right, it’s the the movie that Sp...


Make Mine Music (1946) with Dia Frampton

Lovely songbird Dia Frampton (@DiaFramps) joins us in the vault this week for dancing cherubs, body shaming sock hoppers, and a pair of star crossed lovers that are also h...


The Three Caballeros (1944) with Shane Lennon

We find the very fun Shane Lennon (@TheShaneLennon) in the vault this week and then take him on a trip to South America for Donald Duck’s birthday. We see a differen...


Victory Through Air Power (1943) with John Flynn

Oh boy, this is getting real. The hilarious and kind John Flynn (@JFly99) joins us this week  for a Disney war propaganda film! That’s right, it’s a Disne...


Saludos Amigos (1942) with Nina Concepción

Saludos Amigos, buckle up because we’re flying to South America...while in the vault. The very fun Nina Concepción (@ninamconcepcion on Twitter)  joins u...


Bambi (1942) with John Milhiser

Drip drip drop, little April showers! We find John Milhiser in the vault as we meet a young prince named Bambi and his two close friends, Thumper and Flower. It’s a ...


Dumbo (1941)

Have you ever seen an elephant fly? How about throw tons of shade at a modest momma? We have, thanks to this week’s film, Dumbo! We welcome Allyn Pintal to help us a...

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