Sometimes the life we live is unjust. In a world full of opinions, the things we love often fall by the wayside, all but forgotten by the culture at large...but not anymore. Join comedian Joey Bergren and his comedically minded friends as they defend their oddest, grossest and above all else, most passionately-loved topics. With so much negativity in the world, In Defense fights through the haters and focuses on the beloved and unique topics of its guests, such as zit-popping videos on YouTube, going to bed early and Josie and the Pussycats. No stone will be left undefended!


May I Pivot? Episode 2: Justice League, Snow Pants, TV Foods

Funniest guy Ben Clausen and your regular host Joey co-host a second episode of May I Pivot, where we talk about subjects from Comedians in Cars to Ken Watanabe.


Drugs with Aristotle Georgeson

Wonderful comedian/instagram madman Aristotle Georgeson (@STOTLE/@blakevapes on Twitter, @bottleofstotle/@blakewebber on Instagram) makes a trip onto the podcast to discus...


May I Pivot? Episode 1: Dr. Owens, Kebobs, Watchmen

Funniest guy Ben Clausen and your regular host Joey become co-hosts of a new bi-weekly splinter podcast entitled May I Pivot, where we just talk about whatever we want and...


Trash Candy with Chelsea Rebecca

Cosplayer and YouTube personality Chelsea Rebecca (@carebecc, Practical Folks on YouTube) makes her debut on the show to discuss her terrible taste in candy: a taste so ba...


Long Island with Sam Colon

Girlfriend of the show Sam Colon (@slamthatjam) returns to the program to defend her native land of Long Island, NY. We discuss the food, the fun, the sights, and the smel...


Not Trying New Things with Neal Kelley

Returning guest and fresh arrival to LA Neal Kelley (@nealkelley, @nealgk on Instagram) defense his preference of not trying new things! The actor and writer explains why ...


Neveldine/Taylor with Ben Clausen

Funniest guy I know Ben Clausen (@bendavidclausen) calls in to the program to discuss the alienating directing duo Neveldine/Taylor, the directors of Gamer, Ghost Rider: S...


The Venture Bros with James A. Janisse

YouTube host and personality James A. Janisse (@jamesajanisse, @deadmeatjames, host of Dead Meat and cohost of Practical Folks on YouTube) makes his way to the podcast to ...

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