Are you hella in your thirties? Of course you are! Join Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery (comedians who married each other) as they explore tactics new and old, joyful and terrible, for conquering the dirty thirties. Ever heard of a V-Steam? Tried Juicing? Had vitamin B12 injected into your body? Nick and Muriel try these things and more – why? Because being an adult is a glorious mystery! Every week is a new adventure into exercise, dieting, feeling good, backsliding, leaping ahead and drunken house cleaning. Let’s Party!


Faux Pas Lounge: Getting to Know You!

Nick and Muriel are back around the campfire for another Faux Pas Lounge! This segment combines talking and booze to create a deeply hella in your thirties experience. Nic...


Nick and Muriel Don’t Stand in Line: Howlin’ Ray’s

Welcome to our brand new segment: Nick and Muriel Don’t Stand in Line! Join our charming hosts as they force themselves to stand for something other than airline boa...


The Faux Pas Lounge #4: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s time for another Faux Pas Lounge! Sometimes Nick and Muriel just want to take a break from their regular podcast and spend an hour hanging out with you. For thi...



Nick and Muriel go to a dinner party! This week they join their most culinary friends, Brandon and Lexi, for an unforgettable meal. Join them as they discuss obscure Czech...


Halloween with Mary and Liz

Oh man. Being hella in your thirties is exhausting right? I mean, talk about disrupted Circadian rhythms! This week Muriel and Nick (and Muriel’s mom!)fly out to Chi...


Ketogenesis Part Two

Last week Nick and Muriel tried the high-fat, low-carb Ketogenic diet, this week our hosts sip some whiskey and reflect on their time in ketosis. If you have any lingering...


Ketogenesis Part One

Muriel and Nick try the Ketogenic diet! This week our intrepid hosts struggle with math and science as they tackle all things Keto. Armed with “bacon fat bombs&rdquo...


The Faux Pas Lounge #3

What exactly is The Faux Pas Lounge? It’s a place where everyone is too busy to give a damn about much at all except for one ridiculous conversation at the end of a ...

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