Are you hella in your thirties? Of course you are! Join Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery (comedians who married each other) as they explore tactics new and old, joyful and terrible, for conquering the dirty thirties. Ever heard of a V-Steam? Tried Juicing? Had vitamin B12 injected into your body? Nick and Muriel try these things and more – why? Because being an adult is a glorious mystery! Every week is a new adventure into exercise, dieting, feeling good, backsliding, leaping ahead and drunken house cleaning. Let’s Party!


Nick Gets His First Tattoo: Ageing like a rockstar in Los Angeles at the Little Annie Motel Tattoo Parlor.

Nick has been waiting his whole life to get a tattoo, and this week he finally pulls the trigger. Having just turned 34, Nick is fully grown and ripe for tattooing. Join N...


A Valentine’s Day Probing: A Journey of Discovery and Holiday Magic!

According to Cosmo, Casanova ate 50 raw oysters every morning of his adult life, so… Happy Valentines Day!! Is Valentine’s Day a ridiculous commercial trash f...


Cats vs Dogs: Nick and Muriel Explore Pet Adoption with Crumbs & Whiskers and Bark N Bitches

Nick and Muriel have gone thirteen years without sharing their home with a single animal, but there is a whiff of change in the air. Are they responsible enough? Do they t...


For the Love of the Game: Adults Who Perform Theater, Improv, Sketch and Stand-Up for Zero Dollars! With Special Guest, Randy Thompson!

For this 2-hour extravaganza, our hosts Nick and Muriel invite their dear friend Randy over for to the Faux Pas Lounge (Nick and Muriel’s apartment) to drink and tal...


Nick and Muriel Killed All Their Houseplants!

The circle of life is a beautiful thing: you decide to splurge on houseplants, you go to a nursery and only purchase plants that are specifically for the outdoors, all you...


Get Up Offa That Phone!

Nick and Muriel are on their phones too damn much! This week they put themselves to the ultimate test: no social media, no mindless browsing, no reading all the terrible, ...


Muriel and Nick get an Aqua Flosser!

Nick and Muriel get an adult-ass present for Christmas - an Aqua Flosser! This episode will cover Muriel’s dentist anxiety, Nick’s genetic superiority and some...


Ringing in the New Year with Grandma Virginia!

In this special New Year’s Day episode of HIYT, Nick forces Muriel to drink a terrible health smoothie while they reflect on 2018 and the nature of New Year’s ...

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