Growing Up is a storytelling podcast hosted by David Kerns. With so much negativity and antagonism in our media and news, this show offers a refreshing bit of hope through stories of positive growth and change. Each week, David interviews a new guest about their story on the themes of growth, forgiveness, learning, understanding and acceptance. At times serious, but mostly charming, honest, and funny.


Love, Family, and Overcoming Addition with Richard Davis

Clothing designer and entrepreneur Richard Davis opens up about his 37 year history with drug addition and the one thing that eventually turned his life around.


Just Get Ass with Nick Mundy

The guest this week is writer, actor, and comedian Nick Mundy. Nick shares a very personal story from his college years and the very bizarre but helpful advice from his fa...


Understanding Trump’s America with Heather Robb

This week's guest is writer, actor, and musician Heather Robb. In leu of a story this week, Heather and David talk about the hot topic on everyone's mind: the results of ...