What do you do when you can't subscribe to one belief system? What if you don't know you can subscribe to anything at all? You could choose to be a Buddhist of the 22nd Southeastern Baptist Convention, or follow the Tao of praying to Mecca, or ride on a Jewish cult bus to see every Phish concert. Comedian and preacher’s kid Joe Quint invites his spiritual, skeptical, and evil friends from the Los Angeles comedy world (and beyond) to join him on his Godcast to talk about religion - and to make up their own.


Still Free with Kasey Koop

Kasey Koop chooses her own religion! Kasey is a writer, comedian, stripper, and host of Kasey’s FREEk Show Podcast and one of my oldest Los Angeles friends. In this ...


Episode 100: Merry Mystic with Dan Prevette

It’s the 100th episode and Dan Prevette has returned to choose his own religion! In this Christmas episode I talked with Dan about how our new reasons for the old se...


Peak Experiences with Joel Jimenez

Joel Jimenez chooses his own religion! Joel is a comedian born and raised in Los Angeles and also the drummer for the Comedy Store’s Kill Tony and Regan & Watkin...


Farming and Meditating with Katie Dahlson

Katie Dahlson chooses her own religion! Katie is a storyteller and comedian who told me about her experience at an Osho meditation center on a Tuscany farm. We also talk a...


And God Created Erika Curry

Erika Curry chooses her own religion! Erika is a comedian from Oklahoma, the host of “And God Created Podcast” as well as “The Scramble” at the Pac...


The Most Christ-Like Award with Jonathan Blake

Jonathan Blake chooses his own religion! Jonathan is a comedian in Los Angeles, and in this episode he tells me about winning the Most Christ-like award three times, his Q...


The Cult of the God of Art Hana Michels

Hana Michels chooses her own religion! Hana is a writer and comedian and co-host of The Hard Times Live at the Nerdmelt Theater. In this episode she tells me about growing...


Nicole Villela Reads Your Tarot

Nicole Villela chooses her own religion! Nicole is an improviser on Nerdist teams like The Dam/n Breaks and Hello Horses, the host of the Cringeworthy podcast, and a co-pr...

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