Hosts Erica Bardin and Susan Graham, comedians and co-founders of 5150 Productions, run this podcast about broads, their jobs and everything that comes along with that. Working in the entertainment industry and focused on telling female-driven narratives, Erica and Susan realized that talking with women from all kinds of backgrounds and professions was imperative to understanding how women can relate to each other. Broad Jobs aims to be a podcast that is fun, funny, empowering, and offers an honest listen into women's lives.


Human Resources Guru Lisa Kaye

Erica and Susan talk to Lisa Kaye, human resources Queen. Lisa dishes on exactly what HR does, what it’s like to run her own business (Greenlight Jobs) and why women...


Weed Maven Heather Hanford

Erica and Susan talk to Heather Hanford, marijuana marketing exec and badass feminist. If you don’t know the difference between THC and CBD, what a Budtender does or...


Boat Captain Lila Dupree

Erica and Susan talk to Lila Dupree, a former boat captain and current comedian, all the while a hilarious feminist.  If you don't know what being “mid-shipped&...


Cancer Researcher Dr. Erin Kent

Erica and Susan talk to Dr. Erin Kent, a cancer researcher and epidemiologist with the National Cancer Institute who also happens to be Erica's sister (this episode is bro...


Indie Film Producer Autumn Bailey Ford

Susan and Erica sit down with Autumn Bailey Ford, independent film producer and Canada Dry ginger ale fan. Autumn explains to us what an indie producer does (hint: it&rsqu...


Dr. Mary Samplaski, Ninja Urologist

Susan and Erica sit down with Dr. Mary Samplaski, a urologist and all-around kickass broad, to discuss below-the-belt gender dynamics and the scariest penis she’s ev...


Brain Trust Live’s Lila Nordstrom

Susan and Erica sit down with Lila Nordstrom, host of the witty and always topical podcast Brain Trust Live, to discuss a little politics, gender dynamics in a male-domina...


Welcome to Broad Jobs

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