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Oliver & Company (1988) with Sarah Chapman Inside the Disney Vault

Oliver & Company (1988) with Sarah Chapman

POSTED ON February 08 2018

Walt Disney World insider, Sarah Chapman, joins us to discuss how the 1980s turned itself into a gift and bestowed upon us Oliver & Company. This twist on Oliver Twist (as told by cats and dogs) oozes 80s goods, including jams by Huey Lewis, Barry Manilow, and Billy Joel! Not to mention Bette Midler as a show poodle in a show stopping number. That’s right, we’re getting into the musical game and it is coming on STRONG. This movie has a dog gang, a bafoonish caretaker, and MOBSTERS up to MOB BUSINESS, but ironically not much going on in the parks. Let us know what you think of Oliver & Company! Which kind of ride would you create? Which tattoo would you stick on yourself? What kind of tune could accompany BANGER “Why Should I Worry?” Tweet us @ITDVPodcast!