KUWTK S14e9 | Dog Tired Kar Dishin' It : All Things Kardashian

KUWTK S14e9 | Dog Tired

POSTED ON December 06 2017

KUWTK Season 14 - episode “Dog Tired”


This season continues to be a wild mix of storylines that are either goofy hijinx or the MOST INTENSE hot button political issues — and this week is no different! While Kim and Kourtney are in a cartoonish dog swap snafu, Khloe and Kendall are exploring whether or not they should buy guns to keep in their homes to protect them from stalkers. YIKES! Marcy and Jess also gab about Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend’s Hawaii trip, updates on the Taylor vs. Kim feud, Kim and Mario’s upcoming GlamMasters show on Lifetime and an interesting development with Puddy!

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