Joel Spence’s Gin and Tonic Mouth Feelings

Joel Spence’s Gin and Tonic

POSTED ON December 06 2017

Ahh sipping on G&Ts, intellectual conversation with bon mots a-plenty...well, we tried. Julia gets things going with a rather bawdy sorority toast. Ty acknowledges that there simply must be negative stories out there about parents and drinking, but we don’t dwell on that…we discuss how seeing our parents “party” personality can shake you. To this day, Johnny’s vodka and tonics impress the hell out of his father. Ty gives a demonstration on how to make a light, enjoyable book sound pretentious and boring and Mel’s love of pie is...strengthened? By food poisoning? Also, last week we avoided a Christopher Walken imitation, this week...uh-oh. Our Answer the Question: Part 1 of “What’s a food or drink you associate with vomiting?” Yikes! Special Segment: Procrastination Nation.