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Episode 10 – The Worst Shopping Partner Ever Under Her Eye (A Handmaid's Tale Podcast)

Episode 10 – The Worst Shopping Partner Ever

POSTED ON June 16 2017

Julia, Elissa, Katie, and Jessica literally hold each through the season finale and proceed to break it down one last time. After a Comey-esque investigation into Elissa’s lateness to the party (like all great celebrity scandals, we can chalk this one up to a scheduling conflict), we get heady and heavy with it. June is pregnant! Moira escapes! Commander Putnam’s wife savagely asks for the harshest punishment possible! Oh my. Our conversation takes us from Serena Joy’s most fucked-up move yet, to the near-stoning event of our beloved Janine, to the similarities between getting tagged at the Red Center and your first piercing at Claire’s. We also hear from our first mom-guest of the season, Jessica, about what it’s like to watch the show as a parent, whether Elisabeth Moss makes a convincing mom in that gut-wrenching scene with Hannah on the stoop, and whether or not the show fetishizes motherhood. Nick / Max touches us all when he touches June’s stomach, as they sit in silence weighing the new life growing inside of her, and we weep loudly and hold all our loved ones / electronic devices closer. Pick a partner who you want to survive the apocalypse with, is the only dating advice we give on this podcast. We also take a look at June’s inspiring season arc - she’s become a real force of change in Gilead, and shows us that a seemingly small act of resistance can have a huge ripple effect. May the Lord open, and by that we mean, may we all be Junes in times of crisis.

Katie Willert can be found on Twitter and Instagram @kawillert and Jessica Eason can be found on Twitter and Instagram @jesspatsox.