02 Jul

Hello! Welcome to the brand-spankin’ new WhatsaCreative website! For anyone that cares, this site┬áhas been swirling around in my head for years…I’m very happy with it and I literally can’t stop playing with things, then having to call the developer┬áto fix them. I’m the worst client.

We spent nearly five months building this thing to ensure that it was the best it could be. New episodes will be displayed on the homepage, your favorite shows can be found and bookmarked with ease, there will be blog entries from some of our hosts on a regular basis, and, most importantly – that’s it! We wanted to keep this clean and simple so that absolutely nothing gets in the way of you and our content.

My thanks to Mishal Chatpat and the entire Sprybit team for building this, Olivia Duncan for listening to me carry on at 3:00 in the morning about how many slider images we should have (the answer is four), Bethany Radloff for killing it with the artwork, Field Notes for making a kick-ass product that I can scribble in and Blue Bottle Coffee for…you know.

I’m happy. I’m going to bed.