Lizard People

08 Jul

A few months ago I (Katelyn Hempstead, of the Bay Area Hempsteads) was walking around with Ryan Middledorf and pitched him an idea for a very silly podcast. Now here we are, with like 15 episodes in the bag! Amazing.

I love doing the show because conspiracy theories get at some fun basic aspect of human beings. We’re whimsical weirdos that need to believe in something more and bigger and spookier than the world we see in front of us. Sometimes that comes out in wonderful ways, like the Sistine Chapel. Sometimes that comes out in incredibly dumb ways, like the theory that super-intelligent¬†Lizards¬†live inside a hollowed-out Earth. Both are pretty fun.

I also love recording this podcast because every episode is so different. All the guests are smart and interesting¬†people, but they each bring a different vibe with them. Some eps are just jokes all the way through. Some are incredibly serious. I never what’s gonna happen when we sit down. But that’s what’s chill as hell about it!

Anyway thanks for listening, and thanks for spending a little time with me and my fun friends. You’re a real treat to hang out with!