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Choose Your Own Religion

Adrienne Airhart is On a Trip

Adrienne Airhart chooses her own religion! Adrienne is a comedian, writer, and cannabis advocate fro...

In Defense: A Podcast

Bowling As a Sport with Bill Parker

Fan favorite Bill Parker (@hiimbillparker on Instagram, Billy on the Street) returns to the show to ...

Let's Fall In Love

Mary Holland - “I Just Threw My Cards On The Table”

Mary and Naomi are casual friends. Mary coached Naomi’s first practice group and she holds the tit...

Welcome To The Clambake

23: 13 Reasons Why We Love Alexa Curtis

Alexa Curtis is many things: a “teen influencer”, an anti-bullying advocate, a Today Sho...

Lizard People (Comedy & Conspiracy Theories)

Catcher In The Rye Triggers Assassins with Cassi Jerkins

JD Salinger’s seminal novel Catcher In The Rye has been THE classic teen angst bible for half a ce...

Inside the Disney Vault

Fantasia (1940)

Sparkling fairies, racist mushrooms, romantic centaurs, a servant Mickey, and a demon summoning rest...

Nintendo Cartridge Society

NCS Classic - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (Part 5)

They did it! Patrick and Mark rolled credits on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, and...

Trust the Bachelor Process

The Moment Dean Became President with Emily Durrett

This week Alex and Sarah have comedian Emily Durrett on the pod to discuss latest details of Bachelo...

Playing Favorites with Shane Lennon

The Godfather w/ Joe Lennon & Kipp Lennon

As a gift for Father’s Day, I thought the best thing I could do is have my father, Joe Lennon, and...

I Burn Everything

Julia Meltzer

Stevie Nelson and Dave Horwitz chat with Julia Meltzer (actress/host of Honey) about re-dating exes,...

Learnt Up

14 - Spaceballs and Malcolm X

Lorraine and Sarah continue to get learnt up on classic movies!! Sarah takes a huge step forward, fi...

Nintendo Cartridge Society

Top 9 Metroid Games of All Time

E3 2017 is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace. First, though - the elephant in the room: why aren...

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Hello! Welcome to the brand-spankin' new WhatsaCreative website! For anyone that

Lizard People

A few months ago I (Katelyn Hempstead, of the Bay Area Hempsteads) was walking a


Dan Carlin, host of the great Hardcore History podcast, said that podcasting is