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Extra Extra

The Amanda Bynes Scandal with Lauren Holt

This week Lauren Holt joins us to discuss The Amanda Bynes Scandal in our third installment of &ldqu...

Who We Used To Be

Parents and Heartbreak with Cecily Breaux

Cecily Breaux (actor, comedian, improvisor) shares about her incredible parents, and how their suppo...

Nintendo Cartridge Society

ARMS & Fire Emblem Echoes

Patrick and Mark punch their way through the recent ARMS Direct, and in so doing have to redefine ...

Learnt Up

11 - Stereotypes

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on stereotypes! And by "learnt up" we mostly mean "nervous to talk ...

Trust the Bachelor Process

Welcome to Trust the Bachelor Process

Welcome to the very first episode of Trust the Bachelor Process!

We Rebel

Welcome to We Rebel!

Nick Skardarasy, Emily Wanserski and James Tolbert speak with politicians, comedians and artists abo...


Theater Geeks (Joel & Melissa)

Joel and Melissa are married people who have been together for a long ass time! They were long dista...

Choose Your Own Religion

Is-ness with Lyssa Mandel

Lyssa Mandel chooses her own religion! Lyssa is an actor, comedian, writer, and host of “The Bitch...

In Defense: A Podcast

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones with Carolyn Klarecki

Returning Champion Carolyn Klarecki gets a shot at her ultimate defense: the much-maligned Episode I...

Lizard People (Comedy & Conspiracy Theories)

Beyonce's Pregnancy Surrogate with Molly Fite and Liz Jenkins

You might think you know everything about the theory that Beyonce used a surrogate to give birth to ...

Let's Fall In Love

Haley Hepworth - "We'll Make It Work"

Naomi and Haley are good friends. They enjoy a good brunch together. Will their brunches turn into w...

In Defense: A Podcast

Howard Stern with Justin Sherman

Professional comedian Justin Sherman (@shermancomedy) swings by the studio to discuss his daily ritu...

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Hello! Welcome to the brand-spankin' new WhatsaCreative website! For anyone that

Lizard People

A few months ago I (Katelyn Hempstead, of the Bay Area Hempsteads) was walking a


Dan Carlin, host of the great Hardcore History podcast, said that podcasting is