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Extra Extra

Becky With The Good Hair is Too Extra with Shalyah Evans

MTV's Girl Code's Shalyah Evans joins us to discuss her favorite scandal of all time: Becky With The...

Same Day Shipping

Disney Ships, Vol. 1

What would you do if your S.O. offered to b your phony alibi? What if it’s for murder? What if...

Lizard People (Comedy & Conspiracy Theories)

Tainted Halloween Treats with Alison Stevenson

Halloween is so scary, y’all. There’s ghouls, goblins, and of course the ever-present da...

In Defense: A Podcast

Not Trying New Things with Neal Kelley

Returning guest and fresh arrival to LA Neal Kelley (@nealkelley, @nealgk on Instagram) defense his ...

Inside the Disney Vault

Halloween Special 2017!

Things get spooky as the Three Mousketeers discuss all things Disney Halloween! We watch and rate fo...

Nintendo Cartridge Society

Nintendo Blind Spots

Patrick and Mark are huge Nintendo fans, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gaps in thei...

Broad Jobs

Brain Trust Live’s Lila Nordstrom

Susan and Erica sit down with Lila Nordstrom, host of the witty and always topical podcast Brain Tru...


6 - Total Request Janice? Janice Request Live? Whatever.

In which our narrator travels through time because at this point, why not? Written and created by Ma...


3 - Betrayed! I Guess?

In which our narrator encounters ghosts from his past - not literally, of course. But it’s alm...


4 - A 90’s Kid in Space

In which our narrator is in space for some reason, and the shocking truth about ScaryTown is reveale...


5 - The Stimulation

In which our narrator meets the evil mastermind behind everything, and is disappointed by the reveal...


1 - The Butterman Butts In

In which our narrator follows his soon to be ex-girlfriend into the awful world of ScaryTown. W...

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Hello! Welcome to the brand-spankin' new WhatsaCreative website! For anyone that

Lizard People

A few months ago I (Katelyn Hempstead, of the Bay Area Hempsteads) was walking a


Dan Carlin, host of the great Hardcore History podcast, said that podcasting is